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The Mutual Support Association was created from the experience of mutual aid to people harmed by the system and uniformed services in Poland, as well as many other activities in informal collectives. It turned out that we needed an additional tool to enable us to help, take responsibility away from individuals and provide more security. That tool is a formal association. For us, this association is a tool that we want to use and make available to individuals and collectives to help each other.

We are creating the Mutual Support Association, because we want to be a support for harmed people. We know that to do this we need a community.

In September 2022, a fund-raiser was launched for our activities. Most of our work is outwardly invisible, down-to-earth mutual aid. But in addition to it, we have many plans for future activities.

What we want to do is explained quite well by two paragraphs from our statute:
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§ 5 The purpose of the Association is:

1. Social assistance, including assistance to families and individuals in difficult life situations and equalizing opportunities for these families and individuals.
2. Providing people in difficult or crisis situations, support and assistance in the organization of specialized assistance: psychological, social, legal, medical, therapeutic.
3. Popularization and protection of freedom, human rights and civil liberties.
4. Activities for social and professional integration and reintegration of people at risk of social exclusion and excluded.
5. Support of individuals and groups at risk of social exclusion and excluded in self-organization and involving them in designing and implementing activities to improve their situation.
6. Promotion and organization of volunteerism.
7. Activities in the field of culture, art, protection of cultural property and national heritage.
8. Carrying out activities for the community at large, in particular defending the rights of groups discriminated against and at risk of exclusion due to disability, age, gender, orientation and unemployment.
9. Providing support to families and caregivers of people after mental crises.
10. Educating the public and breaking down stereotypes about mental illnesses and disorders.
11. Promoting awareness related to ecology.

§ 6 The Association achieves its goals by:

1. Providing direct assistance to people in difficult and crisis situations – organizing consultations in the field of, among others, social, legal, educational, health and psychological assistance. Assistance in getting to places to get help.
2. Organizing material assistance for recipients of activities.
3. Preparing and distributing leaflets and other publications promoting the Association’s goals.
4. Journalistic, information and publishing activities; dissemination and translation of materials on areas related to the statutory objectives.
5. To conduct educational and informational activities arising from the statutory objectives.
6. Cooperation with all individuals and institutions with similar goals of activity, cooperation with scientific and teaching centers, support and cooperation with non-governmental organizations in Poland and abroad.
7. Monitoring and giving opinions on the activities of public administration, local government, uniformed services and entities responsible for health care.
8. To make proposals and opinions to the competent authorities and offices and courts in matters covered by the subject matter of the Association.
9. Preparing and taking part in protests related to the objectives of the Association.
To conduct for people with mental disabilities forms of individual support in independent living.
10. Improving the qualifications of employees and volunteers working with people in crisis, affected by mental illness, at risk of unemployment and social exclusion
11. Raising funds from membership fees, donations, inheritances, bequests, public collections, income from the Association’s assets”

The entire statute is available here: https://wspolneoparcie.org/statut

If you are in a situation requiring support or willing to work with us write to us at:: info@wspolneoparcie.org

You can also support us financially: PL75 2530 0008 2041 1073 8230 0001
When donating, please use the title “Donation for the statutory purposes of the Common Support Association.”

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