Mutual Aid Day

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The festival called „Mutual Aid Day” is a free event that promotes mutual help in our everyday lives.

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It will take place on Saturday, September 2, 2023, from 11 am, at the „Postój” Social and Cultural Center at Metalowców 59b Wrocław Kuźniki.

During the event, there will be artistic and creative child-friendly workshops, social cuisine, lectures on mutual aid, and at the end of the day you will be able to listen to a variety of music promoting care and mutual aid.

The space and area of OCSK Stop is free of alcohol and drugs.

Day Schedule:

11:00-13:00 Artistic Open Workshops, simultaneously with the Ecological Carpenter’s Workshop (creation of a neighborly mutual aid board)

13:00-16:00 Workshop on First Aid and Reacting to Crisis Situations

14:00-18:00 Social Kitchen

16:00-18:00 Workshop of Nonviolent Communication

18:00-20:00 Lecture with discussion on the idea of self-help

20:00-23:00 Concerts: Duns, Susk, Di Libe brent wi a nase Szmate

Descriptions of individual attractions are as follows:

Open art workshops:

This attraction, also available for children (with supervision) and the elderly, will be led by artists. The aim of the workshop is to help you express yourself through art, which leads to a better understanding of your emotions, but also to understanding others through art. More details coming soon!

Ecological carpentry workshop:

Joint creation of a mutual aid notice board. Ecological carpentry workshop run by a carpenter, teaching the basics of working with wood, using recycled materials – „upcycling”. The produced neighborly mutual aid board will be permanently installed in front of the fence of the OSCK „Postój” area, where people will be able to announce the possibility of helping and use the announcements of others.

First aid and crisis response workshop:

These will be workshops on the basics of first aid and behavior in a crisis situation conducted by a certified AFA lifeguard. Participants will be taught CPR techniques as well as help with conditions such as fainting, fainting and stroke. In addition, they will be taught mental techniques to help keep calm in stressful and dangerous situations, based on their own experience and psychological research.

Social kitchen:

It is a form of a meal whose idea is to share plant-based food. The dishes will be brought by the participants as participation and co-creation of the meal, and they can also be cooked together in the kitchen of OCSK „Postój”. All dishes will be placed on one table, where each participant of the festival will be able to eat them.

Nonviolent Communication Workshop:

This workshop will introduce the topic of non-violent, empathic and equality communication. More details coming soon!

Lecture and discussion:

An hour-long lecture presenting the ideas of Self-Help, telling about its examples in the everyday reality that surrounds us. The lecture will be followed by a discussion and a joint exchange of experiences with the participants in the form of a circle. More details coming soon!


A musical event of three involved art projects! Each of them represents a different genre of music or a collection of them to reach different tastes and social groups. Music projects were described to us as follows:

susk & slotkakotka123:

susk & slotkakotka123 is a rap vocal and producer duo from Częstochowa. Their work is inspired by absolutely everything, and thematically oscillates around mental health, queerness, social and political issues. However, they cannot be closed within this framework; susk guarantees us a journey through the meanders of his early-adult, funny-critical insights; slotkakotka, on the other hand, provides an entrance into a reality that you have not heard before using sounds.

Di Libe brent w a Nase Rag:

When a music project bears the Yiddish name „Love burns like a wet rag”, you can be convinced that it is an extraordinary project. A one-woman backyard band? Yes! A punk literary cabaret? Of course! Maja Luxenberg’s performances mix Jewish ballads and queer protest songs with down-to-earth humor and a hunger for spirituality. Or maybe above all: hunger for normality, so it’s no wonder that Di Libe… became one of the voices of the Women’s Strike two years ago. Definitely stronger than some of those that came from the largest speakers.


DUNS – rock wife-husband duo. They use guitars and various synthetics to make music. There is no drummer here and maybe never will be, because the synergy could suffer. Their music is the result of reconciliation: one draws towards colors, the other towards shadows, both strive for austerity and melancholy, and ultimately it’s about not getting the clean dirty and not cleaning the dirty. Musically, it’s post-punk, post-rock, indie, etc.

The project called „Mutual Aid Festival” is co-financed under the „NGO Microgrants” Program implemented from the funds of the Wrocław Municipality.

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